"Laughter is the best medicine" it was once said and there are a number of experts who would agree. Many sources of medical research suggest that laughter improves physical and psychological well-being and can:

• Boosts the immune system which helps fight illness
• Lowers stress hormone levels improving natural 'feel-good' factor by increasing endorphin levels
• Tone and relax muscles
• Burn calories and be an excellent form of cardiac exercise
• Be effective in pain relief
• Prevent hypertension
• Cleanse the lungs and improve breathing
• Help protect the heart
• Help fight diabetes by lowering blood sugar
• Reduce anxiety
• Improve coping skills

It has been proven that people with positive personalities, who laugh a lot, generally have less physical problems and a more reasonable approach to psychological difficulties. Being able to laugh at our own problems gives us an incredible advantage in life.

"Laugh and the world will laugh with you"
We all know from experience that laughter is contagious, so get together with a group of friends, or new people and laugh!
There are numerous classes, clubs and groups of laughter yoga, laughter meditation, humour therapy, smile therapy and laughter therapy that each use different techniques.
So try them and find the one that works for you!

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